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Business principals
celebrate the
rare outside
who understand
the real world environment

in which their

the fit between attorney and client is critical.

"The details are beyond reproiach -- Josh doesn't miss anything."Hiring a law firm is a decision few people take lightly, and everyone who retains an attorney has specific concerns when doing so. Business principals celebrate the rare outside counsel who understand instinctively the real world environment in which their enterprises operate. Attorneys are highly selective when engaging additional counsel for their own clients' matters. Investors appreciate discovering the IP issues confronting their investment target and learning what can be done in advance to protect their investment. All clients — whether artists, innovators, or high revenue businesses — recognize instantly the value of legal services when invoices rendered are specific, transparent and fair.

Bressler Law PLLC delivers to each of its clients the polished, meticulous work product and carefully considered legal strategies that its law firm colleagues demand. We combine business instinct, a command of fundamentals, and a humane, comprehensible and approachable style that clients seek.

Our clients include a variety of people and organizations around the world:

  • Attorneys: Both in-house counsel and counsel at law firms large and small augment their work with ours. Counsel confidently rely on us to provide advice complementary and supplemental to their own, to offer legal and practical insights on mission-critical paths for their clients, and to support and enhance their client relationships.
  • Technology, Creative Works and Internet-Based Enterprises: Nowhere is the need for proactive legal strategy to protect intellectual property more essential than for technology, creative works and Internet-based businesses. Protecting against global risks and realizing elusive revenue streams requires forethought, diligence and agility. We also help creators of websites, applications and software manage the IP issues associated with development, deployment and compensation for their work.
  • International Enterprises:Conducting business in multiple countries often involves a complex range of IP approaches requiring careful cost-benefit analysis. We work closely with clients whose business interests cross national boundaries to create a unified and optimal legal strategy for protecting intellectual property and its potential for revenue generation.
  • Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs: We guide experienced and emerging innovators and entrepreneurs to develop, implement and market ideas, products and services. As needed, we enthusiastically spend time to educate and inform our clients.
  • Investors: Frequently investors and their attorneys engaged us as a seasoned advisor to help them examine and evaluate the IP aspects of an investment opportunity. We provide due diligence, ideas, enhancements and solutions to put IP and related matters in order.


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