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Kevyn DeMartino, Managing Director, Transition Capital Partners

  • Finding a lawyer who understands what you want to accomplish in business terms is the Holy Grail; so many are just tacticians. Josh is a very business oriented lawyer. His understanding, contacts and reach equip him to address IP matters not only domestically, but internationally as well. His grasp of the details is beyond reproach — and you know he’s got your back. I’ve never known him to miss anything. Josh is probably one of the best IP lawyers in the country.

Paul Greenaway, Celebrity Trainer

  • When I would have a problem, Josh would get back to me right away. He was more than helpful. Beyond that, Josh is a nice person, and not at all arrogant. I appreciate the fact that it’s not just about the money; he really cares.

Deborah Hrbek, Esq., Principal, Hrbek Law LLC

  • Josh is an amazing resource. He has good instincts and has brainstormed with me on any number of strategic decisions. He is also a really good guy, which comes out in the way he conducts his practice. One of the key things that sets him apart is that he really cares.

Lisa Marton, Managing Member, The Previvors, LLC

  • Without question, Josh is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. As an entrepreneur, I was looking for someone who understood where I was coming from. Josh was very thorough and didn't miss a beat. He protected my rights — and his bills were fair.

Jacob Okun, Esq., Partner, Szenberg & Okun PLLC

  • When you are working on a major transaction, it is not uncommon for counsel to consider only their piece of it. Josh looks at all aspects and implications without needing much direction. Once we were working on an important corporate sale that included complicated IP issues. Fortunately, there was no need to worry about that side of things because Josh was handling it. He really knows what he's doing — and he's a nice guy and easy to work with. Working with Josh is very helpful and reassuring.

James Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer, FriendFinder Networks, Inc.

  • When Josh takes on a client, he lives, breathes and immerses himself in their matters. He simply has a very good ability to sit in the client's chair and understand their perspective.


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