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Once a concept
is in the
there's a
risk that
someone else
will seek
to copy it…

and profit
from it.


it starts with an idea.

"Probably one of the best IP lawyers in the country."You know that there is money to be made from good ideas. But once your concept enters the marketplace, it's exposed to others seeking to copy and profit from it. An increasingly global economy and Internet-based access to information have only increased the stakes.

It certainly makes sense to protect your interests — by creating frameworks that maximize profits and flexibility, and by guarding against infringements. It's easy to focus on a specific matter at hand. But decisions and actions taken to achieve your goals must develop in context, factoring their broader implications, downstream opportunities and the potential obstacles looming ahead.

Bressler Law PLLC is a New York-based intellectual property law firm that helps a sophisticated global client base develop, protect and maximize return on their least tangible — but most valuable — assets.

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